Oils vs. Arcylics

I take part on an Artists’ chat, sometimes I get asked questions that lead to an exchange of ideas. this time around, it was about my preference between oils and acrylics. Please excuse the brevity, this is a transcription and I was typing from my phone.

It goes something like this:

Q: ..are you self taught or did you go to school?

JP: It’s hard to answer, I started on my own, then went to art school but became a graphic designer, and started painting seriously about 2 years ago

Q: So you have a wide variety of skills and some training and non training. What do you paint with?

JP: Anything I can, Acrylic is one of my standards, It’s good for working fast, Don’t have to wait for it to dry and you can layer it or cover with no problems, but love them all.

Q: Do you paint with guoache?

JP: I have done a few guoache and like it a lot

Q: Let me ask you a question about oil paints…there is no right or wrong answer…

JP: Most artists I know prefer oils, and think that acrylics are not high end

Without any accelerator or retardant it can take days, Depends on how thick you lay it down. Thin coats take less time than big blobs. It’s kind of a tricky question.  If the surface is not absorbing (like a plastic or wet area) or keep it in a plastic cover, it can extend the drying process,

It would also depend on the conditions or location. Some places are hotter, more humid

But don’t worry, art is about experience, it’s too bad that no one is around  to teach you about everything, but the good thing is that you can learn by doing it.

There is a lot of poor information out there, so take it with a grain of salt.

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