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Illustrator and Artist
Give me any reason to get my hands dirty with paint and inks, Modern and conventional art along, with painting and concept design are my passion...

Juan Pablo Vega was born August 27, 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela. Currently Graphic Artist and Illustrator. Known for his comic book illustration style, modern and sometimes abstract visuals, both digital and traditional media. A Creative illustrator from a young age but became a Graphic designer, even though his elders tried to convince him to follow the traditional arts. His path took him to develop projects from editorial designs, cartooning, educational support material, advertising and film concept art, always hand in hand with his illustration as a strong ally. Modern and conventional art along with painting and concept Design are among his focus in the visual arts. He is a member of the Surrey Art Society and is pursuing to increase his artistic side in the traditional media arts.

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Juan Pablo Vega

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